And the gender is…

March 24th, 2010

A BOY!!!!!!

Frank and I are super excited to be having a boy.  Not that we wouldn’t have been just as exstatic with a Girl, but we both really wanted a boy for the first baby.  I enjoyed growing up with an older brother and I think Frank enjoyed growing up as a .. um.. boy too!  (lol) At the ultrasound appointment, immediately when the tech starting waving her magic wand over my belly, I could spot those boy parts. It didn’t take long for her to ask “Do you want to know the sex of your baby?”  All the while, I think Frank was messmerized by the ultrasound, he didn’t even hear her say what it was, as I didn’t see any reaction out of him from the corner of my eye. When I repeated the good news,  Frank then did a little happy dance in the chair. This whole pregnancy hits you when you can identify the babywith a particular gender and you’re no longer calling it an “It”.  Needless to say, we both were overcome with emotion. The tech then proceeded to take captures of our little guy’s organs to ensure he is developing on track.  It’s a relief to know, everything is looking good so far.

My mind often wonders about this little guy swimming around in my belly. What is he gonna be like….his personality, who’s he going look more like, is he going to be a momma’s boy (or hate me), will he have a long healthy & productive life and do well for himself? All these thoughts can be over-welming.   One thing is for sure, we’ll do the best we can as parents and hope the best for him as well.

Here’s some pictures: