Jack’s PS7 Story

May 9th, 2019

Hey guys, this is Jack. I just want to say I made my own Paper Store called Paper Store 7 online. I didn’t do this right now when I was 8. It has a long history. First started Paper Store. Then came Paper Store 2. Paper Store 3. Then Paper Store 4 with an odd logo. Paper Store 5. Then Paper Store 6. Then Paper Store 7. That is not the end. We have now upgrade PS7 to PS7 online. Also known as PS8. We changed it again. Still called PS7 online. Except now it’s known as PS9. The racing number was 360. But now it’s called 361. I sell paper to the students in my class. I am open through free time and closed during work/schoolwork. That is the history of PS7. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Maybe send your students to my school to buy paper.