Morning (All-Day) Sickness

February 3rd, 2010

I started this blog later than I really should have since I’m technically  14 weeks tomorrow, but I have to mention how horrible I’ve been feeling. Starting out this pregnancy, I hoped I’d be that lucky few to not experience the negative symptoms of pregnancy. Boy was I wrong! At about the 6th week,  IT started.  It’s enough to make you reconsider your decision to have children…the nausea, the stomach aches, the vomiting, the weakness, the all-day nagging sick feeling.   Worst of all, my steroid powered sense of smell!!! ALL smells are soooo intense and were/are the catalyst to my vomiting fits.    In particular, there is this smell in my house that hits me immediately when I walk in the door.  One whiff, and I’m running to the bathroom.  I’m still on a mission to figure out what it is, but Frank thinks I’m crazy.  He now makes sure the dishes are washed, the trash is taken out, and candles are lit prior to my arrival.  I have yet to feel like my old self, but I do appreciate feeling better than I felt a few weeks ago. The nausea and all day yucky feeling has subsided.  It’ll all be worth it in the end when that little pooping bundle is here showering us with joy.